Hari ke 11
4/30/2009 12:58:00 PM | Author: fadzly
Today Dr Sajar was to busy to have a class. Raffiq today gone with the wind.. He went to the GP earlier to get a medical check-up for his headache. He sent me a sms, he said his BP was high and his Cholesterol was also high. It might be the cause of the headache. But after that he's gone nowhere. I think he went back to JB, and later goes to Kelantan to meet his ehem ehem..

Today job was to be with Dr Nawar's wife..Dr Wan Noor Azlin.. hehe.. She was so friendly to us, and we manage to present some case to her. I presented DM case today. I managed to do peripheral neuropathy examination, ophthalomoscope examination and do RBS. Zawati presented some unknown diagnosis.. haha.. oldfolks always like this. They always anxious that something serious might happen to their body. Today cases are mostly pain on musculoskeletal, and some of them, Dr Noor managed to get an Xray done, and some of them also referred to Orthopaedic..

We went back at 12pm, then i met our old friends Adlisan coming from Kelantan using Air Asia. hehe, i'm smiling. Mangsa sudah datang.... Apa lagi, ask him to blanja me makan Pak Ali la.. hahahaha... I ask him makan pak li, later after eating, i buat2 forgot that i didn't bring my wallet.. muahahahah... So why did he come anyway?? Syafiq is getting married this Saturday. That's y he come, in order to ask syafiq to do the same for him the next week! Gothca!
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