I've got a copyright claim from skyscape! LOLZ
5/22/2009 11:08:00 PM | Author: fadzly
WTF! i got a copyright claim from skyscape - viral@skyscape.com. He claim he was 'the owner' of skyscape. U wanna know him? click here and here.. I usually dont open my gmail until today, Anonymous MS told me someone has send regards to our blog. LOLZ. Then i opened my mail and i found this
Diri ini terasa sangat la bengang.. I'm just seorang yang biasa saja. Tak mahula jadi macam raja petra asik ada kontroversi dengan blog. Anyway, waiting for Anonymous MS to comment about this..

Viral Dalia to me

Dear Website Owner,

I act on behalf of Skyscape Inc., (the “Owner”).

It has come to the Owner’s attention that you are providing illegal ways to use the Owner’s contents on your website/blog http://mbbs-extender.blogspot.com . The page in question is http://mbbs-extender.blogspot.com/2009/05/skyscape-cracking-guide-part-1.html. As you know, under software piracy & copyright law of United States of America, this kind of practice is not legal without the Owner’s permission.

Kindly remove the content from your website immediately.



Skyscape Inc.,


What I've done? I'm just an ordinary blogger, and i didn't do any illegal things. Right now I'll just make the post public and i want google or blogger team to judge themselves by reading the articles first or do some investigation before act.

To Viral - F word for u.. Maybe i should put spam on your email.

And for the continue of the post, Part 3 (the real CRACK version), Anonymous MS will post it at the other blog/web or somewhere else.

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