Today -- The worst ever ending??
5/08/2009 06:29:00 PM | Author: fadzly

Today, as always, i woke up at 8.30a.m and class should be start at 8.00am. But then later, i was told that the class will start at 9.30am. So i sambung tido la.. another 15 minutes i woke up, prepare to iron clothes. I relax2 je.. Raffiq already went to the class. I thought i was on time, then i simply go la to the clinic. Rupenya, WTF we should be in clinic at 8.00a.m to clerk patient then present at class at 9.30am!! Dahla come 15 minutes lambat, i even didn't bring my pen and my note! ishk2...

Clerking & Presenting Case

When Dr Sajar ask me what do you see down there? I said i didn't know we should be there earlier.. damn... Good things got Syud, she saw many patient today and present alone with zawati.. LoLZ.... So i just add abit of discussion bla bla bla..


It started like this, after all the long discussion we have reach the end of it, and Dr Sajar asking, whether you have any question related to PCM? Then Syud asking related to basic or something like pathophysiology. It suppose to be a happy ending. I never thought that because of my act mumbling to Zawati (and i forgot y i mumble), Dr Sajar become angry.. I never realize it, until the end of the class, all blame me that Dr Sajar was suddely raised her voiced.

Quotes from my classmates

Dr Sajar tibe2 berubah muke, tinggi suara

Die bengang start when Syud tanya pasal physio yang tak penting pastu when tgk muke ko tgh mumbling die terasa giler dan terus cakap if you dont like how i'm teaching bla, bla, bla...

Aku da rasa lain dah bile die cakap yang die tak kisah sama ada kamu datang kelas die atau tak. Die tahu yang kite tak datang tiap2 hari pukul 2 tu.

In the end it's up to you whether you are really desire(?) to pass the exam

Why? why? why?

I never and ever in my mind talking bad things about her. Did i?
I've been always respect her as my teacher. Maybe on that time I and that day, i'm not....
After what i did today do i really respect her? after came late, didn't bring pen, notes, etc?


Sorry for everythings I've done.. I didn't mean it.. Maybe it's time for me to change my attitude.. Thanks for making me realising it..



But that was the bad part.. hehe, Now is the syok part..
Today we trying hard to get our internet back after college has cut down our wire to the router. After thinking and brainstorming, we are now using BUNBUN's idea where the net will be available only after working hour and also weekends!! So we set up a new temporary wire which we only put it during the time set. We've make our own wire which is long and cut it into two. But the problem is now, we don't have any connector.. A bit relief when Teck Siang gave us a connector, but.... it's broken. Sigh... Then again, i dont wanna drive to digital mall and only buy the RM5.00 connector. Thus I've an idea. How about we build our own connector! lolz. You might be surprise how we made our own connector. It comes from a switch/hub!! LOLZ

The connector tek siang bagi.. Hampeh

Ni la bahannyer!! D-Link Switch 5 port!

All the things above we trash it.. The only thing we use is....

The port!! yes!!

A bit of wiring.. Lolz.. Simba managed to plaster the copper wire..

Nice art rite for a final year (extended) medical student.. kahkahkah!!

Thanks to Simba, Ronin and also last but not least thanks but no thanks for your connector Tek Siang. We're so tired testing, try and error for almost 4 times changing the wire head when we thought that the wire had problems. The connector, we managed to do that 2 times before we really made it for real by using coppers in the hub instead of using wires which were easily lose to the connector..

Aaahh.... at last.. internet~~syoknyer...

So is this happy ending?? Of coz is happy! I can download my movie again tonite!!!
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On May 9, 2009 at 4:49 AM , Anonymous said...

Jgn sedih sgt.. tak pe.Pasni kene berubah yer..