Using Safari 4 Beta in my Vista!!
5/05/2009 04:23:00 AM | Author: fadzly

They claim that they was the fastest web browser in the world. Dont know whether it's true or not. But basically I've tried it for a few minutes. For the 1st time using it, it's much faster than the IE8 of coz!. But when comparing with Firefox, it just split one to two hundred milliseconds faster. The web browser contains mostly the basics part of Internet, and nothing so special except for the multipage view in one browser. It doesn't have any 'keyword to web page' features (Firefox feature when type yahoo in the address bar it will straight away go to, or if you type 'swin flue wiki' the browser will directed to wiki swin flue page).I will edit this thread later when I found anything special or something that are lack

1. Drawback - Maybe because of my graphic card, nvidia 6600GT, sometimes, the aero interface by vista crash when i open page with quicktime or flash application..

Anyway if you want to download the file simply go to the website or just download directly from
1. Direct Download
2. here (rapidshare)
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