Windows 7, low yat, and... Code 43.
5/25/2009 05:15:00 PM | Author: fadzly

Windows 7 and the problem

Windows 7 RC was out. Then last week i ask my little sister to brought her notebook to me to installed the new windows. I was so eager to install because all of my friends installed it without any prob. Windows 7 was marvelous. Eventhough it only an RC version, the features are so advanced and Vista is not match for it. Her computer was ok until prior to 3 days ago I've got a blue screen when i surfing the net using firefox. The problem was "CODE 43" something related to Graphic card responding to windows that the card got some error thus makes the graphic unusable and makes the windows 7 ultimately become windows "safe mode"... Agrhghhh.. I've been working for my sister's notebook for the past 3 days without any solution! I've tried to format back to XP, VIsta also no hope. My eyes was so tired sitting infront of the monitor surfing for solutionI even called the acer center and try to get a solution. - "Oh, currently we don't suggest you to use WIndows7 because we don't have any driver that is compatible with it. Please use windows XP or Vista, ORIGINAL. LOLz.. I've tried to pressure him that i don't think this is a software prob. It's genuinely hardware problem i said but he just wont listen. Damn you acer. I even post this problem at forum at Technical Support Section. No reply.


Then I've concluded that I cant fix it. So I wanna gave it back to adik so that she cant sent it to warranty. Suddenly the computer back to normal! I dont know how on earth did she do that when the comp in her arms. She's got a miracle hands? Then i took it back to installed all the necessary software. Soon after that i went back to my room and OMG, the CODE 43 appeared again..

Lowyat and Big Apple

Then I've fed up and wannna send it to warranty department myself at lowyat. After a hard drive to lowyat with Najmi, i showed the comp to the technician there. Suddenly, "normal", said the technician.. the computer has not shown any problem! WTF. how come? i said. Then i later not satisfied i even try to restart multiple time! I ask najmi, did we have hallucination? I even showed him a proof of screen shot i taken earlier.

Damn.. What a hard work that we went to lowyat for nothing.. But there was also some best part which i bought some Big APPLE (i love the Alien, yummy, got so many choc outside and inside the donuts). After arrived, I've test again the notebook. WHAT THE ****. The CODE 43. It happened again!!!


The trend - Problem was intermittent and it only happen in my room. I could see each time it happened only when i put on my external hard disk to the notebook before booting the computer. Thus the only solution here is to plug off any USB connected to the notebook to make it more power stable! It works! Sigh... At last i can relax my eye and take a full 12 hours of sleep, really?

Friends and Manchester United

Not really. Just when i wanna start to close my eyes, My besfriend, Hashim comes and asked me to watch Hull vs Man U. For me, no use for me to watch the match because MU has won already! I cant resist because he wanna treat me at Mapley. So we watched. Man U won again and won 1-0 nicely from Gibson. They played with a lot of fresh players. We'll see a very good future for Man U. They got so many good young player!
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