Sorry guys, We're back!
6/27/2009 11:05:00 AM | Author: fadzly
First of all we're sorry for the missing days guys.. We're too busy for this current posting. Actually, we've been in Obstetric and Gynaecology posting for 1 weeks already. Our posting require us to make 2 case summaries, 3 case presentation, and 5 DELIVERIES!!! sux man, because, we shouldn't be doing deliveries anymore because we've done it before. The department was really strict on us. I can still remember i fail my posting with only 0.1 mark to pass (i got my marks 49.9) because I didn't get the chance to pass out my last case summary only because of I'm late for a day. Anyways guys, I'll try to put up some post and maybe some picture of us later what we've done for the next 2 weeks in O&G.

Next, how was your life then? Many of my batch mates have already been posted to their respective hospital! Good luck guys in the coming days. Do not extend your posting.. LOLZ..

Meanwhile, it's the end of the months now and this would be the most suitable day to cash out my NUFFNANG blogging money! maybe tomorrow would be nice! I would like to thank to you all guys for clicking the ads here by nuffnang. Until then, I'll post about it the moment i got that check..
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