My Old website closing
7/10/2009 02:25:00 PM | Author: fadzly
AAAAAaaaaa... Pretty sad. My old free web hosting, Yahoo! Geocities is closing.. They will terminate the service on 26th October 2009. This was the first website that i ever build using HTML code. I've started using the service since 1999, however it does managed to serve until 2006. After that the web was dead.. haha.. But there is nothing really important on that website anyway. In case u wanna know and eager to go to my old website, care to click here. Bear in mind that there was nothing left.. Haha. I've managed to download all the files back to my hard disk because they are deleting all the files in geocities and no one can recover back the files that have been deleted.

Good bye my old Geocities.....

Snapshot from my old website

This is my first music flash swf in the web! lolz...

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