5/14/2009 12:28:00 AM | Author: fadzly

Don't know why but suddenly i managed to think about a wisdom quote..

Hari jadi adalah hari yang sesuai untuk memulakan langkah utk segala2nya..
I know.. but don't ask me whose. It's not anyone birthday.. But in case, if there is someone you suddenly know has a birthday which is getting near, and you want to do something that give to that particular person, a really big impact, just do it on his/her birthday. Nice isn't it? The quote is very universal. I mean you can do good things to him/her or you can do bad things which i hope u wont.. haha.. Now I've and idea what to put in my blog..

Then i found another quotes.. LOLZ...

It's really universal! haha..

Another quote.. but not from myself.. really nice..
jika seseorang menyakiti kita, tulislah tentang kesakitannya di atas pasir, supaya tiupan angin kemaafan bisa memadamkan keperitannya… tetapi, jika seseorang berbuat baik kepada kita, ukirlah tentang kemanisannya di dalam hati, supaya tiada apa yang bisa menghapuskannya…

Raffiq's Blog

I managed to update Raffiq's blog with a nice template. Good things for him not only he got a new template i also managed to delete all the unnecessary things such as unwanted advertisement and also unwanted shortcut. Take a look at the new Raffiq's blog..

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