250 Cases in Clinical Medicine
12/08/2009 03:01:00 AM | Author: fadzly
Yup.. This is the best book for revision that i've ever had.. This book already runs for 7 years in med school and still among the best for revision either short or long case exam, neither final MBBS nor MRCP.

Bear in mind that my other blog posted the same thing before however the link was broken due to termination of the rapidshare account that i have earlier. Thus, this post is just another new update for the new link so that everyone who missed it can still have it. The file still maintain the pdf format, unlike the other circulating on the web which is a chm format. Password adalah nama saya. And if u dont know the password just use the YM next to u and ask.

Rating: 4 stars

Good Luck for ur finals and happy revision!
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Please change rar2 format to rar by renaming the file.. Thank u.

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hey,i'm looking for the book.all the links posted seems to be broken.the file have been removed,i guess?would you kindly post a new link.really need the book.thanks

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