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Alright, so a ton of stuff has happened in the PSP scene during the past few weeks, so we decided that we should have a fresh new PSPfaq thread. My hopes are that this will answer some of the common questions about the chickHEN, and also combine some of the old data compiled by Jonatan10 (who did a great job by the way). Please read all of PSPfaq first to make sure your question hasn't been answered, before you make a new thread on the forums. If I have left anything out, or you would like to add something worth noting, please let me know so I can add it to the list.

Before I write anything, I first would like to make one thing clear: DO NOT flash ANYTHING on a TA-88v3 mobo or PSP 3000. Even though some files may work, it is strongly advised that you don't touch flash if you don't know what you are doing. This forum has unfortunately seen four members brick their PSPs, and I would hate to see a fifth. So please, don't try to flash custom firmware on a ta-88v3 slim or PSP 3000, you will end up with a brick.

So lets start out with the new stuff:

What is the ChickHEN, and how did it originate? The ChickHEN is a homebrew enabler written by Davee that allows most homebrews to run (with the exception of plugins for now). It takes advantage of a vulnerability in the way that the PSP handles alpha transperency in TIFF images. The vulnerability was found by Malloxis (the laughing man TIFF) and was exploited by MaTiAz. Davee later used this to take advantage of his kernel exploit, which he used to load the HEN.

So are the PSP 3000/ TA-88v3 mobos hackable? Well sort of. Firmwares up to 5.02 are hackable using the GripShift exploit, and firmwares up to 5.05 (NOT 5.50) are hackable using the laughing man TIFF exploit, although the HEN can only load on firmware 5.03. Still, many people would not consider the PSP 3000 hacked, as the pre-IPL has not been cracked yet. I guess it all depends on your perception of what "hacked" really is.

Wait a sec... I heard about a "libTIFF exploit for 5.50" can this be used to load the HEN? No. This was a mistake on's part, and is not exploitable. Please refer to this for more details: viewtopic.php?f=83&t=14024

Ok.. so I have a TA-88v3 / PSP 3000 and I'm ready to start enjoyng homebrew! What will I need to successfully load the chickHEN? Well, if you have listened to most people's advice and have stayed on earlier firmwares waiting for a hack, you are probably on firmware 4.21 (shipped with PSP 3000) or maybe on 5.00+. In either case, unfortunately you will have to finally update your firmware, if you want to use the HEN. The HEN only works on 5.03 at the moment, so first you will want to download this: Use this to upgrade to 5.03. DO NOT upgrade to 5.50 or you will not be able to use the HEN. Remember to have fully charged your PSP first, and run it plugged into AC, so it doesn't loose power and brick during the upgrade process.

Once you have successfully updated to 5.03, you may proceed to download the chickHEN here: ... nabler-r2/

Follow the instructions in the readme to complete the installation.

So what exactly can I do with the chickHEN? escribió:
ChickHEN works as a homebrew enabler for all PSP models (1000, 2000 and 3000) and allows execution of homebrew games and apps on 5.03 Official firmware. It can allow you to play games such as Bugz!, Jellycar or run apps such as pspfiler and PSPTube. Homebrew enhances the experience of a normal PSP without any faulty side-effects.

What can't I do with the chickHEN? escribió:
- Run ISO, CSO or any other form of UMD backup.
- Run PSX Games
- Touch The Flash of your beloved PSP
- Magically allow the use of Custom Firmware (on TA-088v3 or PSP 3000)
- Load plugins

Can I unbrick a TA-088v3 ?
If you foolishly wrote on the flash of a TA-088v3 (for example, by trying to install a "full" custom firmware on it), it is bricked, and nothing can help you, even Pandora Batteries. Send the console to Sony's customer service. Or sell it for parts on eBay.

Can I unbrick a PSP 3000 ?
If you foolishly wrote on the flash of a PSP 3000 (for example, by trying to install a "full" custom firmware on it), it is bricked, and nothing can help you, even Pandora Batteries. Send the console to Sony's customer service. Or sell it for parts on eBay.

I ran Hellcat's recovery flasher on my TA-088v3/PSP3000 and now I only get a black screen, what can I do?
Congratulations, you decided not to read ALL the warnings about flashing these models of PSP, and got yourself a brick . See above.

Can I use LEDA(Legacy Software Loader) on the chickHEN? No. This will most likely brick your PSP (can't confirm for sure as no one's tried, nor would want to )

Is there anyway to make the HEN more "stable"? No. There isn't any technical way that could make this more stable. However, some people have put together some different packs of images that seem to help them boot it more often. Refer to these similar threads for tricks on how to get the HEN loaded more often:


Some individuals have also reported that restoring system default settings, switching to "Original Theme", and changing the language settings, as well as formatting your media card helps to increase the chances of their PSP successfully loading into the HEN environment.

Can I run Game backups (ISO/CSO) on the chickHEN in R2 or later revisions? ISO/CSO game backups cannot run in the chickHEN envrinoment, nor will support ever be added in (at least on Davee's part).

I heard there is a working patch to get IRshell running on the chickHEN, where can I obtain these files? Thanks to Intense for kindly uploading the file. You can get it here: download/file.php?id=2706

When will chickHEN revision 3 be released, and what can we expect? Here are some of the features we can expect in the next revision:

* Hide TIFF in PHOTO
* Hide PIC1 Homebrew Icons
* Spoof system settings version
* Spoof mac address
* Redirect Network Updater
* Spoof firmware version
* Use Nandgaurd technology
* Store ChickHEN config
* Reboot PSP

Unfortunately, Davee is currently busy with other projects, so we may not see the release of chickHEN R3 for a while.

I used HellCat's recovery flasher from the chickHEN on a PSP 3000 to flash custom firmware, and now my PSP turns on with a green light, but all I get is a black screen, have I bricked it? What should I do? Yes, unfortunately you have a brick. You have two options: you could either send it in to Sony to repair, or wait for someone to hack the pre-IPL, and make a tool to get into service mode. And we all know that the chances of the pre-IPL ever being hacked is extremely slim, so you'll just have to send it in and get it back with 5.50 OFW

I heard that the TIFF file format is no longer supported anymore in 5.50, is this true? Partially. You can still view most TIFF images, just not ones that use extra alpha transpency layers (something along these lines ).

What region is my PSP?
For this you have to look for the number at the end of the serial code I guess its called at the sticker at the bottom.

It should be something like 100?, 200?, or 300?. Look at the last number. The last number refers to the region it belongs to.

So basically look at the last number and compare it to this.


PSP-X001-US/North America

PSP-X002-Austrila/New Zealand




PSP-X006-Hong Kong/Singapore




Thanks ilostchild and Blackbird256 for the info!

What PSP model do I have?

Ok with this as with the region you have you have to check the sticker at the bottom there at then end you will find one of the following:

PSP-100X This is the first PSP model the Phat

PSP-200X This is the second model the PSP Slim

PSP-300X This is the third and most recent model also known as the PSP Brite

Is DAX still working on the PSP 3000 and the PSP 2000 with the TA-88v3 motherboard?
Yes he is working on it diligently we just have to wait patiently for him to succeed and release it. He probably wont release news on it but Im certain he is working on it. If he wasnt he would have already announced it here and would have told us all but as he hasnt said that hes stopped working on them I believe he is. So please stop believing posts at other forums and comments. Just look on here at DAXs forums to check and then if he does say hes stopped working on it here then you should believe it.

7. What is a Magic Memory Stick also know as MMS?
Here's the definition from the PSP Dictionary

[quote]Magic Memory Stick: (MMS) An Memory Stick with the necessary files to boot with a JigKick Battery.]

More in depth its a memory stick with the necessary files and formatted in a way which with a jigkick battery it can be used to install CFW on most PSPs.

What PSP is the best?/Which PSP should I get?
To answer this question Ruyor has created a great powerpoint showing you each PSP and explaining the Pros and Cons of each. Also, the new version contains more detailed info and comparison of the different models (now with PSP Go! details).
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